Fine Art Prints

"The negative is the equivalent of the composer's score, and the print the performance"
  -Ansel Adams

I too believe that for a photograph to truly live it must be printed. So whether the print is made in a darkroom as Adams so masterfully did or with advanced modern methods available today, lets make the images truly sing.

To that end I am pleased to offer a small selection of my favourite photos for print. Of course if there is a particular photo that you love but is not listed here, please contact me and I would be pleased to discuss the options.

Fine Art Options
Printed on the outstanding Hahnemuhle Fine Art paper, two sizes are available
  8x10 (12x14 finished) 
  11x14 (15x19 finished)

All prints will be signed by me.


This is one of those moments that make being a street photographer so much fun, freezing the small moment in time. One of my favourites from 2015.

*This is the Fine Art Print edition.

This photo was featured in PhotoLife's Spring magazine seen here.



I have been passing this particular cafe for many months hoping to find a suitable subject, light and gesture to coalesce. Then finally the day came and I was able to make this image.


During certain times of the year this wonderful patch of light appears between buildings. I was fortunate enough to find this lone subject enjoying the afternoon sun.

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