100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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001.100 Clint

001.100 Clint

Even though I had owned a camera for a few years, it wasn’t until I decided to go ahead with this project that I carried it out in public places in my home town. The contact cards I made had arrived and one more excuse was removed. Now it was just me, the camera and my fear.

Off and on for a few weeks, I had seen a busker playing and singing in a Plus 15 walkway. After passing him a few times I decided that the next time I saw him I would ask him to be my first Stranger. It took a couple of days before I saw him again and the time wore on my nerves until the shadow of doubt crept dangerously near. Finally one day as I approached the walkway I heard him singing. Normally I enjoy the buskers brightening the dull halls, especially on the long dreary winter days, but today my stomach filled with bile and my throat tightened. I entered the passageway and stopped, listening for a while. After a few moments, he greeted me and asked if I had any questions about the material in his guitar case. The ice was broken. We began to chat; I introduced myself and asked if he would pose for me. Despite my trepidation, this first experience was very positive and it sparked the beginning of an undiscovered joy.

This is Clint. The material in his guitar case was promotional brochures for a live gig he was booked to play at a local tavern. I have run into Clint quite a few times since that first day and now whenever we see each other we stop to say hello.