100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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006.100 Kenny

006.100 Kenny

The deep freeze had finally broken in Calgary, and the spring sun was warming the air and lifting the mood of the city. Wanting to take advantage of the sunshine and warmer weather, I teamed up with Scott(004) to see who we could meet, and what — or who — we could photograph. We made our way to the still-frozen rink in Olympic Plaza, and enjoyed the sunshine while watching the skaters. One man caught my eye and when he sat down for a rest I took the opportunity to go and talk with him. He quickly consented when I asked for a photograph, and was curious about the project and my motivations for it.

This is Kenny. He heartily agreed with me that people just don’t talk much anymore, though he was definitely willing to buck the trend! Kenny’s demeanour was so friendly and open, he was a real pleasure to talk to and we chatted for quite some time. Kenny obviously talked to strangers with much more ease than I did, and I learned that he and his girlfriend Courtney are from Houston, Texas. As I was leaving, I handed him my contact card. He looked at my last name, then pulled out his wallet and showed me his last name. My name is uniquely spelled and it is rare that anyone pronounces it correctly; Kenny’s last name is nearly an exact match. He even pronounced it the same, with the addition of a consonant blend at the beginning — a strange coincidence.

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