100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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004.100 Scott

004.100 Scott

This was the day that I would feel the first sting of rejection. Perhaps that’s a bit dramatic; I know they are not rejecting me personally, but as an introvert, that “no” sapped a lot from me. Pursuing this type of project takes a huge amount of energy. I have to muster myself to step forward and speak, even when I would rather slip back into the shadows. Feeling slightly dejected from being spurned by a woman in a red coat, I trudged back toward my office trying to shed the negative feelings. A couple of blocks later, when I lifted my slumped head, I noticed a man walking towards me with a tripod over his shoulder and a second camera slung around his neck. Shoving the nerves aside and seeing a very obvious talking point, I stepped into his path and introduced myself.

This is Scott. He eagerly showed me his camera gear — he was toting a Canon Rebel and a legendary Hasselblad. I told him about my project and he heartily agreed to let me shoot a portrait of him. After I made my photo, he asked me to email it to him. He told me that most of the time he is on the other side of the lens and does not have many images of himself. This random meeting with a fellow photography enthusiast sparked the beginning of a good friendship. I have been meeting up with Scott multiple times a month since, and he has become my street shooting partner and photography mentor. I’ve come to see Scott’s openness and willingness to share his knowledge as one of his trademark characteristics, and I’m extremely grateful for all the good times we’ve shared.

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