100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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020.100 Chelsea

020.100 Chelsea

The sun finally began to shine, the temperature had risen above freezing and I could not resist going out for a walk. I was frustrated that the tenacious grip of cold, overcast days had hindered my project, but today finally felt like spring was around the corner. I made my way down my usual route and shortly after I began the loop back, I spotted a harbinger of warmer weather. This woman’s bright flowery headband and her flowing blouse welcomed the sunshine and radiated back its warming glow: I had to talk with her.

This is Chelsea. Her headband is new and she has already received many compliments, but still thanked me for noticing. As upbeat as her appearance is, her personality and spirit are brighter still. I walked with her for a while looking for a spot to photograph her while she chatted happily. She’s studying criminology and hopes to work with troubled youth, and spoke with fantastic exuberance and clarity of purpose. I asked why she’s pursuing this path, and she told me her past has provided her a reason and a role model who has fuelled her passion. Though my time with Chelsea was brief, she lifted my spirits with her bright attire, radiant disposition, and passion for life.

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