100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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012.100  Rio

012.100 Rio

Shortly after I photographed Katie (011), a woman in a bright red coat and a man carrying a video camera caught my attention: they were playfully interviewing a couple of statues. Genuinely intrigued about what they were up to, I caught up to them to ask. They work for a theatre production company and were doing some background research for an upcoming production on Treaty 7, asking passersby what they knew about the Treaty. I was game and offered to be interviewed if they would pose for me. Being born and raised in Calgary I had periphery knowledge of Treaty 7 but I unfortunately did not answer well. put on the spot my memory failed me and I mumbled something vague. Despite my fumbled answer, they were still keen to participate in 100 Strangers.

This is Rio. She is a theatre actor, though she was not cast in the Treaty 7 production. I had her pose and she instantly relaxed, clearly comfortable in front of the lens. Rio has a very cheerful smile and happy demeanour, but I choose this photo because of her enigmatic her Mona Lisa smile.

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