100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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021.100 Kyle

021.100 Kyle

It truly is amazing how much the sunshine can lift the collective spirits of the city, and pedestrian traffic today was significantly greater than at any point during the previous two months. I took my camera and walked, grateful to be outside soaking up the heat under clear blue skies. A few days before, I had not reacted quickly enough when I passed a man in a bow-tie. Slightly annoyed at myself, I decided not to let an opportunity like that pass me by again. Well, today I had the chance to act on that. I saw two gentlemen sitting on a bench enjoying their coffee and the warm weather, so I introduced myself and my purpose.

This is Kyle. I told him that his bow-tie caught my attention and I liked how he was dressed. He immediately agreed to be photographed and asked what I wanted him to do. We moved into the shade and out of the beautiful warm direct sun. I asked Kyle what he does for work and he surprised me by saying he works in the sales group of an IT recruitment firm; I commented that he was dressed atypical of most folks that I know who work in IT. He agreed with a chuckle.

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