100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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023.100 Shane

023.100 Shane

It was another beautiful day, so I wandered slowly away from my office after work, my camera at the ready. My eyes scanned the area, taking in the light, the lines, the people, and then settled on a gentlemen with a white shirt, bright tie and black fedora. With little hesitation, I approached him and made my request. He agreed, but said he had to find his friends, as they had come downtown and were parked at a meter. He first needed to pop into a store and see if his friends were there. I got my gear ready, preset the exposure and waited. A minute later he emerged, obviously distracted and still looking for his friends, but he honoured his commitment and came over to me. I tried to be quick so I wouldn’t keep him from his friends for too long.

This is Shane. He works at the airport, and when I complimented him on his attire and he told me that he and his friends liked to dress a little different. I think he looks sharp. Not wanting to delay him further, I gave him my card and we parted ways. A moment later, two more well dressed men with these fantastic beards came walking down the street. I thought about asking for a photograph but they seemed in a hurry and I did not want to be rushed into another photo before digesting the encounter with Shane. Not five minutes after this, I saw Shane walking down the street with the two bearded fellows! I had almost photographed the whole entourage without knowing the connections.

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