Between Dust and Sky

Yep a new book. This one I made with a good friend of mine Ward Rosin.

Last year we headed out to Hand Hills Alberta with our cameras to shoot the 100th consecutive Stampede. With strong family ties both to the area and to the Stampede itself, Ward is a veteran of the event and has he spent many years attending and shooting the stampede.

In contrast this was my first time shooting a rodeo event like this. 

We are proud to present this book and offer a special offer for the first printing to those  attending the rodeo in 2017.

To check out the book and to order head over to Ward's site

Excuse me, may I?

It took much effort and many late nights to complete but my book, Excuse me, may I? is available

A huge thanks to my wife, and to Alison, Steve, Stephanie, Sidney, and my uncle Jeff for all the time and effort they put in helping me get this project truly completed.

If you would like a copy click the image or here, there are limited copies available:

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