Mark Reierson

I was born and raised in Calgary, art has been a part of my life from an early age in one form or another from sketching to woodworking and later graphic design. My desire to create in an artistic manner was rekindled by my art instructors while completing my business degree several years ago.

In 2014 I stepped into the world of street photography, focusing on street portraiture with my 100 Strangers book project, which was published in the fall of 2015. The project challenged both my skill as a photographer as well as my introverted personality. 100 Strangers has bridged into a continuing street portraiture project as the lead photographer for Humans of Calgary.

Using both traditional film, along with darkroom printing techniques and modern digital technology, I am drawn to interesting faces and gestures, the juxtaposition of light and shadow, line and form. Taking inspiration from fleeting moments on the street,  I restlessly pursue the elusive, ever-shifting, urban light and tiny moments while wandering the Core during my sacred lunch hour. While documenting the street and citizens forms the basis of my method, I strive to transform the ordinary and the overlooked, presenting my vision of the city as my camera sees it.

Untitled photo

Between Dust and Sky: Ward Rosin and Mark Reierson
Excuse Me May I? - Reflections of a Street Portraitist - Mark Reierson (or at The Camera Store - SOLD OUT)

Citizen of the World - Humainologie, 1514 7 St SW, Calgary, AB: April 2019 - Ongoing
Disclosure - Feather Gallery: Feb 1 - Mar 19
Shear Image in NW Calgary: 2016-2018

In Print/Web:
Seities: {Theme:Portrait}
PhotoLife Magazine:  Emerging Photographer 2016
Edge of Humanity Magazine

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