100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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014.100 Clarke

014.100 Clarke

I met this fellow street photographer right outside my office building; he was hard to miss as he was sporting a large film camera around his neck.

This is Clarke. He’s a film photographer, shooting medium and large format film, often with expired stock which he develops himself. He prefers film for its ability to make large format prints and projections. Clarke has acquired quite a large collection of film cameras and spoke of camera models that I have never heard of, clearly passionate about his art and the tools of the trade. He told me that he experimented using photo-paper, the kind used in enlargers, cut down to 4×5 to fit in one of his cameras. He said it was challenging to make an exposure because the film “is about ISO 3” and it took a long shutter speed in bright light and often left ghosting on the image, but it’s an effect he likes. Clarke was a wealth of knowledge and a pleasure to meet. We still keep in touch, and I see him every so often in my wanderings. I’ve even had the pleasure of doing a photowalk with him.

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