100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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015.100 Lindsay

015.100 Lindsay

Despite winter’s clingy behaviour, I refused to be deterred by the weather and pressed on. The project so far had been rewarding, and I had met some really kind, fascinating people. This day I was loitering around my usual block looking and waiting for…I don’t know what I wait for; a look, hope, a vibe? I then noticed a woman walking by and I introduced myself before my nerves got to me.

This is Lindsay. She was surprised that I asked her for her portrait, saying, “Oh, I’m not photogenic.” In an effort to prove I wasn’t making wild claims, I showed her the photo of Andie (005), who had also said she was un-photogenic. Lindsay was satisfied that I was not totally crazy, and I was glad that she consented, as she has such a lovely smile and very cool eyes. She works as a hair stylist, and said she likes to do women’s colours and men’s cuts. I chuckled and said I would go to see her but my kids have worked very hard to reduce my need for a hair cut, and we both had a good laugh.

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