100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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087.100 Katelyn

087.100 Katelyn

It was a fabulous day and I couldn’t wait to get outside. It could have only been better if I didn’t have to return to work after lunch and could change into shorts and flip-flops to continue working with my camera all afternoon. Scott joined me today and when we got to one of the corners that I like to use, we stopped for a bit to let the human mass swirl around us. Scott motioned behind me, indicating a potential Stranger, so I turned and made the approach.

This is Katelyn. She was waiting for her father and so had a few moments to spare for me. I explained what I wanted to do and enlisted the assistance of Scott to wrangle the reflector (it’s a great treat to have an assistant who knows how to use one!) I positioned Katelyn with her back to the sun and Scott filled in the shadows with the reflector. This was not the first time in this project that I used the sun as a rim light, but it had been difficult to do alone and I was grateful for an assistant. Unfortunately I didn’t get much of a chance to talk to Katelyn before she had to leave with her father, but as always, I’m grateful she took the time to pose for me.