100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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080.100 Nicole

080.100 Nicole

Mere minutes after photographing Franco (079), I happened upon my next Stranger.

This is Nicole. She works for a private company keeping the streets looking alive and vibrant in the summertime by maintaining the flowers and shrubbery outside various buildings in the downtown core (having spent so much time walking around downtown over the last few months, I’ve definitely come to appreciate the patches of greenery brightening and softening the concrete jungle!) She told me it’s a job she really enjoys, as it keeps her active and outside during the summer, but once the season is over, she’ll return to her studies in Criminology. While we conversed she was really patient with me and I was careful not to slow her down too much in her work, walking with her as she refilled her watering cans. As we parted ways, she said it had been an interesting encounter: it made me smile, as I often wonder what goes through people’s minds as I stop them on the street for portraits.

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