100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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100.100 Brad

100.100 Brad

After brewing on how I would finish the project for so long, I found Strangers 099 and 100 within twenty minutes of each other. After saying goodbye to Mary (099) and Scott, I headed back to my office. I was about 30 meters from the door, when I passed this gentleman enjoying the early afternoon weather. Initially, I walked by but quickly turned around and decided he had just the type of character that I was hoping for.

This is Brad. He is a finishing carpenter working inside the building I saw him in front of. He works with his daughter, so we chatted for a bit about women in the trades (and the trades in general), and I told him about my encounters with Cara (081) and Justine (083). I positioned Brad to maximize the light I had on the street and waited for a lull in the traffic to make this portrait. That was it. Number 100.

100 Strangersmarkreierson