100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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051.100  Heather

051.100 Heather

After photographing Dylan (050), I only made it to the end of the building and around the corner before I saw this young woman. As I was approaching her, I noticed she seemed to be standing in a way that was not typical of people loitering on the street, nor quite like someone waiting. As I advanced a couple of paces, I saw that she was looking slightly down and then I realized that she was posing. Her photographer was suddenly right beside me, squatted down low shooting up. I chuckled and commented that I was just about to approach her to ask to photograph her for my project. When I explained what I was doing, both photographer and model laughed together and agreed to pose for me.

This is Heather. She and her friend Whitney are recent university graduates and are out doing a fun photoshoot. Whitney is a Kinesiology grad and Heather a Fashion Studies grad. Heather wants to be a Fashion Consultant and take people shopping, picking out clothes that suit them. They were very accommodating in allowing me to interrupt their session and photograph Heather. I even took a picture of them together on Whitney’s camera before proceeding with Heather’s portrait. Both Whitney and Heather have since connected with me on social media, expressing how happy they were that I stopped to speak with them about the project.

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