100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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067.100 Ron

067.100 Ron

In addition to this project, I’ve been doing street photography, which took a lot of pressure off looking just for people. I’ve also found that it has honed my awareness to what is going on around me. On this day, I noticed a well dressed man stop on the street corner just ahead of me.

This is Ron. I commented that I liked his style and thought he looked great. He smiled a bit and said he wishes he could add some colour to his wardrobe, but his place of employment has a strict black and white dress code. Unfortunately, I don’t recall much about what we talked about; I just got a sense of weariness in him, like he is or was going through difficult things in his life. Not that he was melancholy — he chatted cheerfully, just somewhat guardedly. We stopped in a place that gave me a great dark background and I made his portrait, and we exchanged cards; not something that happens often but it’s fun when people give me a small memento.

It is interesting to see how our instincts and senses become a little bit sharper when we take the time to talk to people and open ourselves to the experience. Maybe we become a little bit more tuned to the spiritual side of life and sense deeper aspects of people we encounter. And maybe our empathy for our fellow humans increases just a little. I can’t help but think this must be a good thing.

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