100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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091.100 Alyssa

091.100 Alyssa

It had been raining all day; the cool damp air held whispers of autumn and the streets were notably less populated. After half an hour camped on a corner photographing people wandering by, I grew restless and had to move on. These past few months have taught me to walk slowly and pay attention because you never know when something will happen. I noticed a flash of bright red hair, and despite my misgivings about train stations, approached the woman as she sat awaiting her train.

This is Alyssa. She gave me a wide smile and agreed without hesitation: I’m always pleased when my request is so enthusiastically met. We talked briefly, before she eagerly inquired what I needed her to do, so I moved her in front of a less distracting background. The light was soft but flat due to the overcast weather, but fortunately Alyssa’s deep red hair and green eyeshadow provided a touch of drama. I discovered that Alyssa is an apprentice tattoo artist, so I showed her a photo of Sam (073),and asked a bit more about tattooing the palms of the hand. This launched into a conversation about tattoos and the process of her becoming a tattoo artist. Alyssa then showed me some of her personal artwork, a gesture that I really appreciate, and we became two artists sharing a passion for our work.

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