100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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055.100 Tiffany

055.100 Tiffany

This photo also came about because of an attention-grabbing flash of colour: across the street, a woman’s bright red high heels provided a lovely counterpoint to her black dress, the grey sidewalk, and the beige sandstone buildings. Gathering my courage, I greeted her and complimented her footwear (while acknowledging that this wasn’t the most common way to strike up a conversation). I checked to see if she was in a hurry to get somewhere and asked which direction she was heading in. I try to ask this as it allows me to determine what time I will have to work with. She was not in any particular hurry, so we moved down the street into some better light, chatting pleasantly. Often people are interested in the project and why I am working on it, so this conversation gives me an opportunity to get people comfortable with the process. Plus, sometimes I find out interesting things!

This is Tiffany. In classic small-town Calgary fashion, she used to work with one of my co-workers. When I asked if anything particularly good had happened during her day so far (I’m trying to get better at questions that start conversations), she said that being stopped by me and being asked to participate in my project was definitely a highlight. It’s moments like these that I cherish for making this endeavour so fun and rewarding.

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