100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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065.100 Kayla

065.100 Kayla

The generally rushed nature of meeting people after work seemed to be amped up this afternoon, but I still kept an eye out as I walked to the transit station. This time I got lucky; ahead of me and across the street bright red hair caught my attention. I waited at the corner and when she stopped for the light, I approached to introduce myself.

This is Kayla. She was on her way to a job interview, and a bit uncertain where she was going. I knew the address, so offered to walk with her at least part of the way. As I have mentioned previously, I enjoy walking with the people I meet, as it provides an opportunity to talk that often seems a bit less awkward than simply standing on the sidewalk. Possibly because I was able to reduce the stress of being unsure of her destination, she was agreeable to posing for a photo. I was glad to be of help to Kayla; for once I was able to give something back for the time my Strangers take out of their days to participate in my project.

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