100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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049.100 Kim

049.100 Kim

Just prior to leaving work I’d had a conversation with a co-worker that put me in a foul mood — not the ideal state of mind in which to go out to try to meet new people. Fortunately, my conversation with (and subsequent photographing of) Rex (048) put me in a much better mood. As I continued on my way, I ran into two other photographer friends in quick succession, one of whom was Clarke (014), so I joined him on a walk for the duration of the lunch hour. He was out with one of his film cameras. It was great to be able to see someone work in a way that is so different from my own style and definitely far outside of my comfort zone. As we walked along, I spotted someone I wanted to approach for my Stranger project. We neared her, but before I could say a word, Clarke waved and began chatting with her; they knew each other! I laughed and said that I was going to ask her to be part of my project before I knew that they were friends.

This is Kim. She was already standing in front of this great red background, which really made her lipstick pop. Kim is a waitress at the restaurant we were outside of and was taking a quick break. Since she had to get back to her tables, we didn’t stay to chat for long.

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