100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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059.100 Mike

059.100 Mike

Not eager to hurry back inside near the end of my lunch break, I wandered slowly along the south side of my building, wanting to enjoy this fresh spring day for as long as possible. About halfway along the building, I passed a man lounging against a railing with a cigarette in hand, clearly also enjoying the sunshine. Initially I passed by, hampered by my nerves and uncertainty. However, after a few paces, I got control of my irrational fear and promptly did an about face and walked back to him. As I approached I said, “I like your look. I’m a street photographer. Can I do a portrait of you?”

This is Mike. He chuckled at bit at my request, but agreed nonetheless. We had a short chat about what I was up to and why. I moved him into some shade to knock back the hard lined shadows. The background was a bit tricky, with elements causing some distractions. I had to avoid the four lanes of traffic rolling by, but I was fortunate as a red light kept the background clear of vehicles long enough for me to make the portrait.

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