100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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032.100 Zoe

032.100 Zoe

My encounter with Iysha and Golara (029 and 030) did wonders to restore my confidence and I left work with renewed vigour for my project. Though not a regular user of public transit, I’ve come to enjoy the opportunities it affords to talk with people. Today as I waited for the bus, my attention was caught by a young woman chatting to a friend beside me. I noticed that her eyes are this fantastic blue with specks of gold, and I knew they would photograph beautifully.

This is Zoe. She was a bit surprised to be asked but was quickly encouraged by her friend Maleek. We were a little rushed for time, so I didn’t get a chance to find out much about her, but I really like how the above shot captures her freshness and the curiosity and compassion in her eyes.

100 Strangers50mmCalgaryCanon60DColourLevel 4PortraitPortraitureStreetWomanYYCcanonmarkreiersonpublicquotstylestylishwomen