100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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096.100 Terrah

096.100 Terrah

It was a Friday before a long weekend and the atmosphere on the street seemed a little more relaxed. I had paused and was talking with Rex (067) when I noticed a deep red handbag walk past me for the second time within half an hour. I interrupted my conversation with Rex and chased the owner of the red bag down. Fortunately for me, she stopped at the end of the block and began intently looking at her phone. Risking the inconvenience of the interruption, I introduced myself.

This is Terrah. She’s in Calgary temporarily before returning to continue her studies in a Masters of Law at an eastern Canadian university. She told me that she’s interested in becoming a professor of Law, so once she gets her Masters she wants to pursue a Doctorate degree. Terrah was a willing model and moved to my direction very well, which made it much easier for me to get a great shot. I positioned her, trying to reduce the distractions behind her but still anchor her in the street. Terrah was great to talk and work with, but unfortunately our time was limited. I’m grateful she took as much time for me as she did, and wish her all the best in her academic ambitions!

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