100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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088.100 Mark

088.100 Mark

Summer’s long, warm days (and the generally relaxed attitude they can bring) sometimes counters the rushed nature of the post work crowd, and has allowed me to make some successful photographs. I meandered as I left the office, camera at the ready, and in no time spotted a man standing in the shade of a building, his unique style catching my eye.

This is Mark. I complimented him on his attire and asked if he would participate in my project. Just then, one of his friends approached from across the street and I quickly recruited her to wield the reflector. After the success with Katelyn (087) using back light and fill, I tried again with my new-found, but willing, assistant. Mark gave me several poses, seeming to know instinctively how best to position himself. As it turns out, both Mark and his friend are very familiar with photoshoots: she’s a model and he’s a designer, so no wonder he has great style! This was another short but fun encounter, capping off my day nicely.

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