100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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016.100 Meghan

016.100 Meghan

The weather was still cold for March and the snow had begun to fly again. At the end of my lunch break, I was about to head back into the warmth of my office when I noticed a fluffy hood standing out from the crowd. I paused to wait for the stop light to change and for the hood to cross the street. As she crossed the road and neared me I stepped toward her. I must have startled her out of deep thought because she jumped a bit as I said hello. I apologized, and, chuckling, she forgave me. We commiserated about the weather, and then I explained my project and asked if she would participate.

This is Meghan. She works as an accountant near my office and was on her way to an appointment, so our time was limited, but she was still very friendly. I had hoped that my camera would pick up more of the snow falling around her, but I guess it was not falling heavy enough for that. At least some of the flakes caught in Meghan’s great hood are visible!

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