100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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081.100 Cara

081.100 Cara

The summer heat wave in Calgary continued, making my afternoon photo walks almost unbearable in long dress pants. Scott and I met at noon and spent most of the time trying to avoid melting into the sidewalk by sticking to the shade of the office towers. About midway through our walk, I noticed a woman standing outside a building under renovation, I approached to ask if she would pose and talk. She was quite surprised to be asked, so I explained that I liked her look and that I’ve been trying to do a better job of trusting my instincts of who to approach and strike up conversations with.

This is Cara. She’s an apprentice plumber and told me that as she’s always been handy fixing and making things, her boyfriend encouraged her to enrol in trades officially so she could get paid for the things she likes doing in her free time. I have a lot of respect for tradespeople and it is encouraging to see women enter the trades. There are not a lot of women on most worksites, but on this site Cara said she’s one of three, each in different trades: plumbing, electrical, and sheet metal.

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