100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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075.100 Marisa

075.100 Marisa

On my way home after the parade, the crowds had finally thinned, though the pedestrian count was still much greater than a typical afternoon. I settled a little bit, feeling less like driftwood in the masses. It had been a great day project wise: I was on a roll, two Strangers already. Crossing the street, I saw a potential Stranger walking with a group of friends but missed my first opportunity. I quickly turned and followed them for a moment. Fortunately for me, the group she was with paused to look at the wares of one of the street vendors.

This is Marisa. I approached her as she waited for some people in her party and began to explain what I was up to. Before I even had my whole explanation out, she jumped up and asked what I wanted her to do. Being a bit caught off guard, I began to stumble on my words but she was gracious and patient with me. I did not get to chat with her at all really, which is always unfortunate, but happens. The suddenness of the moment threw me off my game a bit; I framed her in a less than ideal way, but ended up really liking the pensiveness I caught in her smile.

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