100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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018.100 Clarie

018.100 Clarie

Despite it being April, there was still a chill in the air and I wrapped a scarf around my neck as I headed outside with my camera. Most of the street crowd rushed along, bundled up tight, not eager to be out longer than necessary. More than usual, I felt like a hunter stalking the wilds: not a good mental state. The protracted winter was beginning to affect my psychological well being, slowly adding layers of difficulty to this already stretching project. I resigned myself to wait for the weather to turn, for the sun to shine and for the world to wake from its long hibernation. I turned around and began walking back to my office, my eyes still habitually scanning ahead. About half a block later, I caught a glimpse of a splash of colour against the drab surroundings: just the sort of stranger I wanted to approach to brighten the day.

This is Claire. She and her friend came strolling down the street chatting happily with each other. I introduced myself and found out that they were on their way to buy a replacement ski pole; Claire had lost hers the previous weekend at the Kicking Horse ski resort. Both women spoke with slight accents, so I asked where they were from. Claire is from Ireland, and the more she spoke, the more apparent her Irish accent became. Knowing they were on a tight timeframe, I posed Claire in the middle of the street and photographed her further back than previous portraits I have taken, in order to best capture the beautiful combination of her dark blue scarf and fiery red hair.

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