100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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047.100  Jenn

047.100 Jenn

It had been a discouraging day. I had wandered for nearly an hour and a half and all I had were four rejections, and I was trying to figure out where I was going wrong. Was my attitude off, was my breath bad, was I too demanding? About to give up, I noticed a bright red jacket in the shade of my favourite colonnade.

This is Jenn. I approached her as she was waiting for her bus and gave her a bit of my spiel. She was receptive to the idea but hesitant to be photographed because it was the end of the day and she felt like she didn’t look her best. I understood and didn’t push, but we continued to talk. Jenn’s smile is so bright and personable that I ended up telling her about my string of rejections. I guess she took pity on me because she loosened her hair, shook it out, and agreed to pose for me. The conversation with Jenn really lifted my spirits, and being allowed to make a portrait of her was icing on the cake. This was another example of a surprise moment that totally changed my day and why this project has become so addicting.

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