100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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039.100 Jeanene

039.100 Jeanene

After Jason (038) went on his way, my eye was caught by a woman standing in the sunshine across the street. She did not seem in a hurry nor even fully decided on her course of action so I took the opportunity to introduce myself. I think she found my request a bit odd at first, but the more I explained about my project, the keener she became, as she’s a big fan of the Humans of New York project, and my “100 Strangers Project” is in a similar vein.

This is Jeanene. She works for an accounting firm in town and is pursuing her professional designation in the field. I took a number of frames, then thanked her and went on my way.

When I got the images onto my computer, however, I realized that I had made a significant mistake. I wanted to start including my subject’s shoulders in shots. After I shot a few frames, I began to back up to widen the angle, but my camera was configured to back-button focus. This allows for greater freedom to composing, metering, etc., but is a double edged sword if you forget to refocus, because your shutter button does not save you. I ended up with just one frame of Jeanene that was in focus, but it does capture her quietly beautiful smile. I ran into Jeanene shortly after this encounter and I related my story of missing focus with her and apologized. She was sympathetic and we had good laugh about it, but she politely declined another shoot.