100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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072.100 Sofy

072.100 Sofy

I had been wandering around for 30-40 minutes, without a hat, getting progressively hotter and more jealous of the people wearing shorts and t-shirts. As I stood sweating in the heat, I saw a lady walk by me in a toque! Granted she was also in shorts and a t-shirt, but still. As I stood there in somewhat stunned disbelief, she disappeared into a store. I decided to wait for her to exit and then see if I could meet her. It was only a few minutes before she came back outside and paused, checking something on her phone. I took the opportunity to introduce myself.

This is Sofy. She’s in town on holiday for a couple of weeks, but is also here to work at the Calgary Stampede for it’s 10-day run. Eventually I got around to asking her if she would pose for a portrait and she declined, saying that she does not look good in pictures. I do not easily accept that particular excuse and I pressed a little more to see if there was any other reason — there was none. Finally, she agreed to let me take one and only one photo, saying she’d break my legs if she looks bad in it. I paused, considering, but decided to take the chance and agreed on her terms. As I posed her, I felt a bit of pressure. Make this one frame count! Fortunately, she was quite pleased with the result, and asked me to email her a copy of the file. It was an interesting encounter, and I was pleased to have escaped having my legs broken by this lovely woman.

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