100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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069.100 Stefana

069.100 Stefana

Wandering around after work took me up and down several alleys. As I emerged from one of them, I noticed a brightly dressed individual just ahead. I walked closer to her but then a moment of indecision hit me; I stood there unable to approach and unable to retreat, feeling like an idiot. Finally, the rational part of my brain kicked in and I approached, and fortunately for me the opportunity was not lost.

This is Stefana. She is in town performing in a large music festival called Sled Island, a multi-day affair about which I was completely clueless. She graciously explained what was happening and what she’s up to. Stefana is a talented musician who can play several classical instruments but is currently working in the electronica realm making digital synth music. We were chatting about these things for a few moments when she said she had a gift card from Starbucks and asked if I knew where the closest one is; there’s one two blocks away, so we continued our conversation as we headed towards it. She got her drink and we went back outside, but by then the wind had kicked up, making her hair whip wildly about, and the sun was covered in a thick cloud making the light flat. A bit crestfallen on having missed the better portrait conditions, I moved her to a sheltered place and made several frames. Despite the less-than-ideal-light, I love the combinations and layers of colours: red-framed sun glasses, purple hair, red lipstick, and a sweater full of primary colours.

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