100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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026.100 Alexandra

026.100 Alexandra

The bright sunshine couldn’t warm the icy north wind, and I shivered as I headed out to do a photowalk with a group of guys. We were in the middle of suburbia, so I thought it unlikely I’d meet anyone for my project, but a lone pedestrian, scarf billowing in the breeze and sunglasses reflecting the bright blue sky, caught my eye. I hesitated, unsure if I should deviate from my photowalk buddies, and she passed me by. She stopped further down the block, however, apparently waiting for someone, so I decided to approach her about my project.

This is Alexandra. Just as I was getting ready to photograph her, her boyfriend (whom she’d been waiting for) came up, and I again explained myself. Alexandra is interested in photography, which was one of the reasons she agreed to my request so quickly, and is taking some general business classes while working part time. I wanted to get her sunglasses in the shot, as that was one of the things that attracted my attention, but given the design and high reflectivity, it was difficult.

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