100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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003.100 Jessica

003.100 Jessica

Two things happened on this day that were well outside normal for me. First, I took a chance and messaged a photographer named Jeff whom I had discovered on the internet. I asked if he wanted to meet and do a photowalk, and he agreed. We arranged to meet on the 8th Avenue pedestrian mall. After we shook hands, I joked that I had never been on a blind internet date before, and we both laughed. We then began walking toward the plaza at the end of the mall, chatting about photography and getting to know each other. It was Jeff who first spotted my third Stranger sitting in the distance. The sun was illuminating her straw blonde hair and he took some candid photos of her with his zoom lens. I turned to Jeff and said now that he had the candid shot, I would go for the posed photo. And so the second non-normal thing happened: I approached a lone woman in a park and asked if I could make a portrait of her.

This is Jessica. When I asked for a portrait, she was very willing to pose, so I moved her into position while we talked. It was quickly apparent that Jessica has experience around a camera. In a past life, she told me, she studied photography but in the process lost the joy of it and now doesn’t even own a camera. In a small way, I hope that our little encounter helped rekindle an interest within her.

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