100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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033.100 Steve

033.100 Steve

On my way back to the office, I passed a gentlemen sitting on a concrete globe sculpture watching people go by. We made eye contact and for some reason I was compelled to stop, and before I knew it we were chatting away. He commented he was happy to chat as he finds the city to be “cold” — people unwilling just to talk to each other. Eventually, he noticed my camera and inquired about it, so I told him about my project.

This is Steve. He was a real pleasure to talk to, as our conversation flowed so easily. We actually had a few extra minutes to chat, as it turns out we work in the same office building. Just before we reached our building I decided to ask Steve if he would pose for my project, even though I had not originally intended to photograph him. I’m glad I did, because I was able to capture how his friendliness shines through his eyes. I have since run into Steve several times and we often stop and say hello. On one of these occasions a few months after we first met, he told me he was planning to take a two month trip to South America and travel around the western side of the continent. I saw him after he had returned, and he confirmed that it was a fantastic trip.

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