100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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029.100 Amy

029.100 Amy

I had been sick the previous week, and seemed to have lost my mojo in a few short days. I was turned down three times in row — a record — and while the rejections didn’t bother me intellectually, they did sap my energy. I was finally getting over my cold, and the warm weather further lifted my spirits as I wandered around downtown, enjoying simply being outside. About a block ahead of me, I spotted a woman with a coordinated wardrobe and a playful bow in her hair, and I hurried to catch up to her.

This is Amy. She asked what I wanted her to do and seemed to relax into a pose quite quickly. She said she’d never modelled before, but was very comfortable in front of the camera, which definitely made my job easier! Amy is a real estate lawyer working for the city and was out enjoying the day. In hindsight, Amy seemed like she would have been willing to stay and chat longer, but my week off seemed to have rusted my social skills. My loss, though I’m glad I had the opportunity to capture her gentle smile and playful sense of style.

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