100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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084.100 Shauna

084.100 Shauna

As I strolled past a bus stop, this woman’s bright eye makeup, paired with her knitted toque and lime-green hoody caught my eye.

This is Shauna. As is often the case, Shauna was a bit nervous when I first lifted the camera to my eye. Conscience of this, I tried to relax her by talking to her and making light of the situation. Somehow I got her to laugh, which seemed to relax her a little. She told me that she’s interested in the arts and is looking to apply at the local arts college in the fall. She seemed anxious to get going, so I wished her well and we went our separate ways. Most of the time, when talking with strangers, I take what they say at face value — I have no reason not to — but in Shauna’s case, something in the way she expressed her desires gave me the impression that she had little hope of actually pursuing her dream. I do hope that she finds a way to pursue her goals and, if need be, break free from whatever holds her back.