100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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010.100 Mandy

010.100 Mandy

After meeting and photographing Joelle (009), I was heading back towards my office when this woman walked toward me, her heart-shaped sunglasses catching my eye. Her buoyant attitude quickly became evident and a gravitational force seemed to draw me in.

This is Mandy. I explained my project to her and she immediately began to ask what she could do, how she could pose, and where she should go! I was caught a bit off guard by her enthusiasm and sadly had no inspirational ideas for her. I moved her into some “shade” (I say shade but the day had a thick overcast that severely flattened the light.) In this case, I tried to use the “shade” to help create shadows as opposed to reducing them. Mandy was all smiles for me as she posed and while we chatted. She moved to Calgary from a neighbouring province and is living and working in the downtown area with a friend. She said she enjoys living in the city because you never know what will happen. “You might get approached by a random stranger to be photographed!” she exclaimed. Meeting Mandy was great; her upbeat attitude was fabulous and I only regret that I was not able to leverage her enthusiasm into even better photos.

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