100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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025.100 Steph

025.100 Steph

The warming trend had turned cool and thick clouds again covered the city, but people were still out in force. I wandered for nearly an hour, trying to decide on whom to approach. Interestingly, this time it was less the fear of rejection that held me back but more an abundance of choices: should I approach the older man with the fantastic beard, the pretty girl with long curly hair, the man in the hat, the woman with the scarf, the man with the chiseled jaw? The opportunities were plentiful but still I hesitated. As I stood indecisively, it began to rain lightly, and the busy streets cleared quickly. I lingered under the shelter of a building for a few more minutes, not wanting to quit empty handed. I waited stubbornly, annoyed with myself for not picking someone earlier. Then I saw this woman walking toward me, funnelled into shelter by the rain. As she passed I introduced myself. Smiling graciously, she stopped and was very willing to participate when I made my request.

This is Steph. She works as a flight attendant for WestJet, however when she was in school, she majored in photography and now is married to a professional photographer in the city. I quickly felt a fair bit of pressure to produce a decent photo! While preparing for the shoot, we had an enjoyable, though short, conversation, and in those few minutes she showed me immense kindness and offered support and encouragement for my project.

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