100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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073.100 Sam

073.100 Sam

This was parade day, the kick off to the annual Calgary Stampede. The parade typically draws in upwards of 250,000 spectators into the downtown core, a good opportunity to find and meet new people. The festive atmosphere also helps to get people talking. As I walked around taking in the sights, a girl stood out of the crowd, her unique style differentiating her from the flocks of urban cowboys/cowgirls. Her tattoos popped off her skin and drew the attention of more than just me. In the past, I would have admired and walked by, but holding a camera and on a mission, I stopped and chatted.

This is Sam. I commented on the quantity of her tattoos and she told me she’s a tattoo artist: body art is definitely her thing! Sam was very open and friendly, so we chatted for quite a while. She has very high standards for the ink she wears, and the tattoos she showed me are beautifully intricate works of art. As I posed her and got the portrait I was after, I noticed the tattoos on the palms of her hands — something I’ve never seen before. We talked a bit more about them and I was able to do a detail photo of her hands.

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