100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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044.100  Ryan

044.100 Ryan

I headed to a local skate park — one of the biggest in North America, and the only one in Calgary — as a new venue to look for Strangers. As schools weren’t yet out for summer, the park wasn’t too busy, but this worked to my advantage as I could wander through the bowls without getting in anyones way. I had the opportunity to talk with a few of the skaters and BMXers and when I asked if they minded me photographing them as they did their thing, most happily agreed and even repeated their tricks for me, eagerly coming back to see how they looked on the camera.

This is Ryan. He was out with his friends enjoying the lunch hour sunshine. He is interested in photography and video and has a DSLR that he has been mostly using for video work. Ryan is more used to being on my side of the camera, but did a great job posing for me. A few months later, he emailed me asking for his photo, and said that my contact with him inspired him to get back into still photography work. I was pleased to hear that the few moments we interacted sparked something in him, even a small thing like getting back in touch with his photographic hobby.