100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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030.100 Iysha

030.100 Iysha

Though Amy (029) had provided a brief uplift, my rough patch continued, and I had another few days with four or five “no thank you’s” in a row. I began to really doubt myself: I have found that it helps to project confidence when approaching people, but I had not been feeling terribly confident, and I wondered if this was adversely affecting my success. Today I met up with Scott, and it was good to chat with him about our projects, the locations and the people we saw around us. As we rounded a corner of the plaza we saw a woman in a large black hat and bright red lipstick sitting with a friend. I went and introduced myself, and they said I looked familiar and asked if I was the one that had photographed them the other day. I said no, I would have definitely remembered.

This is Iysha. She moved to Calgary a few years ago and works with her friend at a shoe store in the Downtown core, a job she likes particularly because of the employee discount, which helps supports her shoe buying habit.

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