100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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041.100 Amandela

041.100 Amandela

With the consistently nicer weather the street vendors began to reappear along 8th Avenue Mall. One vendor that set up close to my building sold kettle cooked popcorn, filling the surrounding air with its delicious scent. When I passed by this time, I noticed they had a new employee, and I approached and began talking with her and her boss. I learned that the business is a family owned operation and they have several popcorn making units around the city and that they have been in business for many years and are often at farmers markets in the area. The kettle they pop the corn in is this huge copper pot: it must be nearly a meter across. Since she was working, I asked both her and her boss’s permission to photograph her.

This is Amandela. When she first spoke her name, I asked her to write it down for me but she told me it is just like Nelson Mandela , but with an “A” at the beginning, and that she is named in his honour.

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