100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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089.100 Kate

089.100 Kate

While walking along the train platform beside a building, I saw two women taking a smoke break, but I passed them by. Train stations are typically difficult places to photograph because people are often in a hurry and the arrival of a train will abruptly end a conversation. However, as the train pulled away I glanced back, and seeing them still standing together, backtracked to approach them. They told me they’re on break from training to be servers at a local restaurant: along with 12 others, they’ve been training all week and will be tested tomorrow on what they’ve learned. They gave me the low down on all the tasks they would be responsible for and all the things they had to try to remember, leaving me with a renewed appreciation for how difficult the service industry can be.

This is Kate. I posed her against the simple black background to highlight her pale blond hair and bright blue eyes. This is the same spot that I photographed Ron (067): the light is often very flat, but fortunately her friend cheerfully helped me bounce some light with the reflector.

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