100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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040.100 Carol

040.100 Carol

This day, I wandered more than usual, venturing off my beaten path. I was scouting around for different places and backgrounds that might be useful, and wanted to find somewhere I could use a flash. As I meandered, looking for both location and my next Stranger, this woman’s warm smile caught my eye; when I approached, she said she was honoured to be part of my project.

This is Carol. She is a recent graduate and works as a consultant in an international tech firm, a position that she really enjoys. We had an interesting discussion about the labour market in Calgary, both generally and for new grads, as I tried to find a good spot for her portrait. There was a lot of construction around us, so we moved off into a promising-looking alley. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a challenging location to shoot in as there were lots of reflections and signs, but Carol was very accommodating and gracious about me taking up her time. It was a real pleasure to meet her.

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