100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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053.100 Sheena

053.100 Sheena

This was a strange story that stood out over the course of the project. Shortly after I set out walking, I noticed a guy with a camera; not an uncommon occurrence, and I stopped to chat. His name was Theeory, he was new to street photography and was starting up a new branch of his communications firm. My project intrigued him, and we got to talking about how to approach people on the street. I told him that I don’t have a specific system; every time is different. The next thing I knew, he’d stopped two girls who were walking by. He introduced himself, complimented one of them on her pants, then launched into a spiel about what he was doing and what I was doing, asked if they would pose for a picture for me, then said “I will leave you guys to it” and walked away. So there I was standing in front of these two women, all of us a bit stunned and not quite sure what had just happened. I found my voice and reintroduced myself to the women, trying to explain again about my project, and asking if they were still ok with doing a picture. I had them move out of the direct sunlight and pose individually in some open shade. Unfortunately, in all the chaos I don’t remember what we talked about after Theeory left, and only know their names.

This is Sheena. Kesley’s (052) friend, the second of the two women Theeory stopped.

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