100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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092.100 Albert

092.100 Albert

It was a warm late summer afternoon, the sun shining brightly as people went about their business. I spent most of my time looking for street scenes with a 17-40mm zoom lens, which I did not normally carry. While sitting on a bench, I noticed a man on the next bench over who had a distinct hair/hat combo.

This is Albert. He’s an aspiring actor, but unfortunately has had a tough time finding many acting opportunities. Today he was making the best of the nice weather during a day off — finally, someone who was clearly not in a hurry! Since he had some time, I suggested that we try a location a short distance away, in an alley that I have wanted to try for a while. He was up for it, so we moved into the alley and I made my photos. I was disappointed in myself for not fully using the opportunity of Albert’s acting background; he would have likely been game for some more creative photos, but I fell back to my standard poses.

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