100 Strangers - Mark Reierson
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086.100 Brent

086.100 Brent

After finishing up with Nick (087), I walked to the end of the block. I had barely paused at the corner when another sharply dressed gentlemen walked past me, and I had to hustle to catch up with him. When I did, I introduced myself but before I had a chance to fully explain my intention, he grinned and asked if I wanted to take his picture. It’s always fun when folks not only accept my request, but preempt it with enthusiasm! The light was poor where I caught up to him, so I offered to walk with him, giving me the chance to look for better light as well as to chat.

This is Brent. He has a warm and open demeanour and we quickly settled into an easy conversation that flowed remarkably well for just having met each other. It did not take long for Brent to share his passion for helping people and wanting to make meaningful differences in people’s lives. We stopped another half-block away and I posed him on the sidewalk, likely to the bemusement of the other pedestrians. I chose this particular shot as Brent’s slight smile reminded me of Steve McQueen. After the shoot I continued to walk and talk with Brent for a bit before we went our separate ways. Both Stranger shoots on this day were so relaxed and flowed so well; I was encouraged and it put me in a great mood for the day.

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